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2018 / 03 / 07

As featured on the ABCs War on waste In Australia each year, 1 billion non recyclable coffee cups go straight to landfill. Save space, and the environment with Our silicon coffee cups. It comes with smart design, perfectly portable for travel and everyday use. It available in 6 colours and PMS matching is available for QTY over 1000.


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Australia's favourite collections of promotional products

  • PCU935

    Bottle Opener Flash Drive


    Types:Bottle Opener Flash Drive

    Color:White; PMS matching is available for QTY over 1000.

    Product Size: 85*55mm

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  • PCCM60A

    330ml Boston Ceramic Mug/White


    Types:330ml Boston Ceramic Mug/White

    Color:Black with White

    Product Size: 115mmx85mm

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  • PCCM60B

    330ml Boston Ceramic Mug/Coloured


    Types:330ml Boston Ceramic Mug/Coloured

    Color:Black with Orange/Yellow/Blue

    Product Size: 115mmx85mm

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  • PCCM60C

    330ml Boston Ceramic Mug/Red


    Types:330ml Boston Ceramic Mug/Red

    Color:Black with Red

    Product Size: 115mmx85mm

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  • PCCM70

    350ml Volcano Ceramic Mug/Coloured


    Types:350ml Volcano Ceramic Mug/Coloured

    Color:Black with Red/Yellow/Royal Blue/Lime Green/Orange/Black

    Product Size: 80mm(w) x 105mm(h)

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  • PCH140

    Moulded PVC Bar Runner


    Types:Moulded PVC Bar Runner


    Product Size: 600*250*10mm

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  • PCT026

    Mini Wireless Charger


    Types:Mini Wireless Charger

    Color:Body: White,Black Circle: Red, Orange ,Yellow ,Blue ,Light green

    Product Size: 71*10mm

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  • PCW023

    LED Metallic Laser Band


    Types:LED Metallic Laser Band

    Color:Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, White

    Product Size: 31*200*9.3mm

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