Refresh your branding with our new selection of drinkware

2018 / 11 / 23

we have everything your need in our new selection of drinkware, you can create your own unique drinkware in just a few simple steps. The delightful design and practical features will help you enjoy your best beverages to the max. Savour the flavour for a much longer time with the thermal insulation, and add some personalisation with the printing and etching options. .


What we do?

  • PCH710

    First Aid Kit


    Types:First Aid Kit

    Color: red and black

    Product Size: 21x13x5cm

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  • PCH662

    Card Shape Bottle Opener


    Types:Card Shape Bottle Opener

    Color: Black, silver, white

    Product Size: 5.4x8.5cm

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  • PCPB540

    Wooden Case


    Types:Wooden Case

    Color:The original wood color

    Product Size: 19x16x8.5cm

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  • PCPB545

    Wooden Storage Box Set


    Types:Wooden Storage Box Set

    Color:wood, vintage, varnish

    Product Size: large:34.5

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  • PCPB553

    Medium Wooden Storage Box


    Types:Medium Wooden Storage Box

    Color:wood, vintage, varnish

    Product Size: 29.5x19.5x15cm

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  • PCPB550

    Small Wooden Storage Box


    Types:Small Wooden Storage Box

    Color:wood, vintage, varnish

    Product Size: 24.5x14.5x10cm

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  • PCBC140

    Foldable Tote Bag


    Types:Foldable Tote Bag

    Color:Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Black, Green, Orange, Magenta, White, Over 20+ colours, please contact us for more options.

    Product Size: unfold: 42x33.5cm
    folding: 20x10cm

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  • PCBC125

    Canvas Tote Bag with Straps


    Types:Canvas Tote Bag with Straps

    Color:White, black

    Product Size: 320mm(w) x 240mm(h) x 120mm(d)

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